Behold the 1000th comment!

Finally. It happened. I have been waiting for comment #1000 for quite a while now. But it just stopped at 999. Nothing but spam comments for ages! So Rene, thank you for the latest comment, you didn’t win a prize unfortunately, but you’ll always be honoured on this blog. Thanks to all the 999 other commenters who brought this blog alive and into existence, even if it might be in a slight hibernation mode at the moment.

Still little signs of life twitching through it, like a very old ancient fish stranded on a beach, already with rudimentary lungs, but the feet haven’t grown yet. Bear with me please.

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3 Responses to Behold the 1000th comment!

  1. Nanig says:

    Little fish, don’t you worry, one day they will scream “run, Forrest, run!” and you’ll be dazzling us once more!

    I seem to love fish metaphors….

  2. crazykaro says:

    One day I’ll gonna be a Big Fish! Watched the movie two weeks ago, made me cry as always. I love it! And Ewan McGregor of course.

  3. Nanig says:

    Ahhhhh, Ewan! Of course! 😉

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