Is facebook to blogs like internet to newspapers?

I’m wondering why I have such a hard time writing in this blog lately. So many things and places I have seen, so many photos I would like to share, but nothing in my blog.

Is it because it needs more time than quickly writing something on facebook? Or is facebook already becoming everyone’s personal micro blog? Is facebook the über-app, that combines everything from twitter, myspace, flickr, youtube and blogging? It is just so temptingly convenient and easy to use – take uploading pictures for example:

Facebook: Create album, upload. That’s it, easy, quick, no restrictions. Flickr lately told me it would only display the last 200 images if I would not pay for it, and the webspace where my blog itself is located is equally restricted. Of course, facebook cannot replace special interest or photo blogs, but the personal blogs I think are facing a great threat.

And in my individual case, it just gets harder and harder to find words and sum up all the many things I should have written in here, that at one point, you don’t know where to start anymore. And then leave it alltogether. It is like not being able to decide between to dishes and then ending up eating nothing to avoid the decision.

Maybe I try to be less ambitious with this blog, and just put things on it when they come to mind or from my camera.

I’ll try.

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One Response to Is facebook to blogs like internet to newspapers?

  1. Shady IIV says:

    Yep, I always catch me writing little status updates that normally would have been blog entries.

    But then again my facebook is like some mini-blog. Or better say it that way: My blog posts are blown up facebook status updates. I say the same with more words.

    And sometimes I just add a few facebook status updates together and write a blog entry. Loving the copy and paste. 😀

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