The first semester in Oz and my first music video

That semester went by really really fast – and it was a lot of work. The last weekend before one of my big assignments was due I was working straight for days to finish it, with only a few hours of sleep and a lot of V’s (energy drinks). And no shower.

Anyway, time to present some more things I did during that semester, for example my final website (an online portfolio) we had to create for our Writing for the Web class. It was my second website done in Dreamweaver, with the layout done in Photoshop. I ran out of time to make some Javascript work, but I might implement that later.

The last thing we just finished on Friday was our music video we had to do for Music Video Production. It looks harmless, but it is pretty dirty, so please make sure everyone who is watching it is old enough for some serious (animal puppet) sex:

That was it for today, I hope I can give some more updates during my semester break (and hopefully travel at least a little bit!).

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2 Responses to The first semester in Oz and my first music video

  1. Nemmerle says:

    hey karo!
    wo treibst du dich mittlerweile rum?
    das beste an dem video sind echt die outtakes, aber auch der rest is klasse, traut man den knuffigen dingern gar nicht zu ūüėČ

  2. crazykaro says:

    Na ich bin in Australien, da meinen Master machen Рdas Video zu machen war sehr spaßig, und es war kein einziger Kerl in unserer Gruppe, nur Mädels ; )

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