The tree and the water

A little story I wrote for one of my classes:

How the Tree came into the Water

There once were two trees. One of them woke up in the morning to find two little, weird objects at his roots. He woke up the other tree to ask him what those things were, and the other tree said “Mate, those are shoes. The little humans use them to walk around.” – “Walk around? I would like to do that. I think I’ll try them on”. The tree stepped into the shoes, and started walking. He saw old, dead trees, animals he has never seen before, flowers in a boat, and the end of the forest. He followed a grey pathway, and it became dark. He came to a city, and he couln’t find any place to rest and put his roots into the ground again, as the ground was sealed and there was no earth. Everything was moving so fast and confused him.  He started running, running so fast that only few of the humans in the city could perceive him. At last, he found an ancient, sacred spirit, that was trapped in a Tiki-statue in the city that was called Paradise. He asked the spirit where he could go to find rest, and the spirit showed him a direction. “Kepp walking, and you will find peace”. The tree followed the advice of the sacred spirit, and kept walking. After a while, he felt ancient water at his roots. When he finally stopped, refreshed and happy, he fell into a deep sleep. The water washed away the shoes, and the tree could move no further.

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  1. sister says:

    Hallo Purzeltagschnecke!!!
    Wollten Dir ein Geburtstagsständchen jodeln! Bist Du mal via Skype erreichbar? Habe hier im Hotel kostenfreien Internetanschluss.
    Sandra & Co.

  2. Nanig says:

    Hallo, du Geschichtenerzählerin und Post-Purzeltagsschnecke, schick dir liebe Grüße und hoffe, du hast meine Mail bekommen, irgendwie erwisch ich dich nie und deswegen schreib ich dir und deinem Baum:-) BUssi!

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