Diving deeper into the blogosphere…

The uni here in Australia really is different. For two of my three courses, I’m supposed to set up a blog. One for Imaging Culture, and now another one for Writing for the Web. There is nothing, nothing handed in on paper during the whole course, it is all ftp and blogging. Interesting! Soon I will have to make an artwork made out of HTML code, that will be very challenging.

It is weird, in so many aspects everything in the courses is explained ten times and very slowly, but what is expected in the end, is really a lot, at a fast pace. So it is a totally new experience for me, but until now, I enjoy it very much. So be patient if this blog moves a little bit slower now, but in the meantime, check out my uni blogs if you’re getting bored.

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  1. Shady IIV says:

    Hört sich sehr cool an! ;]

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