A library to love

I never could imagine that a university library could actually be a very lovely place to hang out. Usually in Germany, it means several tables and uncomfortable chairs, some computers, that’s pretty much everything you can expect. At my Uni in Australia, Griffith Uni, Gold Coast Campus, it means having a laptop lounge, a dvd lounge, a journal lounge where you can read the provided newspapers, while sitting on very very very snuggly bean bags – and you can even play Wii there. There are huge plastic bubbles with futuristic chairs and sofas for working with other students, called group pods. You can easily connect your laptop to the Uni network, and also to the Uni printers, and some of the computer labs are open 24/7.

There are huge theme parties every two or three weeks on Friday nights, and there even is a Uni Bar (where you can play Pool, participate in Wii-Tournaments, watch movies, drink cheap beer and have cheap food). That actually is a little bit weird, that you can’t buy beer at the supermarket, but you can buy a pitcher of beer at the Uni for 8,60$ (and drink it at the Uni).

Ok, I have to admit, I won’t miss paying 9000$ per semester (what probably is the reason why we don’t have all these nice lounges and things at German Unis, for 500€ per semester), but still, it is really nice to be at a Uni that provides you with everything you need, and even more than that. Actually, more than you could ever imagine.

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    Wow! Sounds great!!!
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