Not 28, but 14 days later

Two weeks ago I arrived in Australia. It took me some days to get accustomed with everything, the public transport system, food, weather, flora & fauna, the Uni, the enrolment (still really didn’t get that part, sooo complicated), the goon, bottle shops, different bed sizes (single, double, queen, king!), K-mart and Coles. After another week, I found a new home, it is awesome, as are the people living with me. Tomorrow, I get my new bed (IKEA really is the same everywhere), and it’s the first day of the International Orientation Week at the Uni. I went surfing and I would like to buy a second-hand surfboard, I would like to join the student guild, the gym and maybe one or two clubs at the Uni (there’s a bushwalking club that does all kinds of outdoor sports, so that seems to be just right for me!).

The beach and the sea here are more beautiful than they could possibly be at any other place.

The sun has been shining for three days non-stop, 33 degrees, probably around 70-80% humidity. Tons of mozzies (moskitos). I’m dying my hair right now, bright red again, see if that makes any sense with the heat, the sun and the sea.

Internet is still soo expensive, because if you’re not working, you can’t sign a contract for (relatively) cheap internet, so you have to take the way more expensive prepaid one.

That’s pretty much a very short summary of my physical and emotional life in the first 14 days. I’ll try to make some pictures next week, and hopefully find a place where I can upload them without using all my prepaid internet. Please, someone invent flatrates on internet traffic in Australia.

No worries, mates!

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